Director of Field Operations
Collective Espresso is seeking a qualified person to join the Collective team as Director of Field Operations.  We are looking for a smart, outgoing, genuine person who is detail oriented and works well at communicating the Collective vision to the broader world. A candidate should love taking care of clients and be a skilled communicator, setting the vision for our field operations. 

As part of the job the Director of Field Operations will be expected to:

* Oversee and manage any special orders, events, large orders, truck events

* Project manage catering and events (staffing/inventory/logistics)

* Effectively communicate both with clients via email and the general public via social media about catering and field service events.

* Represent the Collective Espresso brand to a wide range of clients

* Manage social media for  collective_field_services

Pioneer Trails & Coffee Bike

* Actively market and effectively communicate the Pioneer Trails truck and coffee bike and their offerings to potential corporate clients who wish to procure our services for their employee or client event needs.

* Accurately market and correctly quote pricing structure to private clients for weddings and special events

* Communicate with clients using the Pioneer Trails event sheet to have a full knowledge of client’s expectations for each event.

* Identify and explore potential events around the city where Pioneer Trails might be a good fit and work to ensure our place in these events.

* Identify and explore potential partnerships with like minded business to do collaborative events, primarily in markets not currently served by CE.

* Keep an active calendar of all events and schedule proper staffing and supplies for each event.

* Communicate effectively with each shop manager to minimize scheduling conflicts

* Correctly manage inventory, taking into account events that are scheduled for the upcoming weeks, to correctly order coffee and dry goods for these events.


* Actively market and effectively communicate Collective Espresso’s catering offerings to potential clients.

* Communicate catering orders and logistics between shops / bakery and set scheduled times for pick-up and delivery to the site. Ensure proper delivery and set up.

* Schedule and arrange staff for events when necessary.

* Communicate with clients to make sure all their needs are known and addressed to provide excellent service to our clients.

* Build catering client list to ensure follow up and help set the stage for future orders.

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