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The essence of Collective Espresso is largely a matter of focus.
It's in the details. It's in the nuance. It's in the craft of coffee preparation.
It's in the comfort of a neighborhood.


Dave Hart and Dustin Miller long knew that they wanted to create something together, that they wanted to open a business.  They traveled around the country, exploring coffee shops and espresso bars from coast to coast.  They sampled the products and atmosphere, the culture of the best the United States has to offer- Four Barrel, Blue Bottle, Sightglass in San Francisco, Barista in Portland, Herkimer in Seattle, Intelligentsia and Wormhole in Chicago, Barista Parlor in Nashville, and innumerable others.  Pulling ingredients from each, they developed an idea of the perfect cafe for Cincinnati: a small, clean, efficient, and precisely detailed space that puts out expert coffee. 

So they made it happen.  

They opened the first Collective Espresso location at the intersection of Woodward St. and Goetz Alley in Over-The-Rhine.  The goal: to do coffee in its purest form; made to order, no syrups, and no pretense. Made not just with love, but with commitment and respect.  Done right. Every time.